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SoftSmiths is a leading provider of proven business-critical Transaction Management Systems and services for energy companies who operate in the wholesale energy markets to sell, purchase, trade, and deliver energy in the most efficient and cost- effective way.

Employment Opportunities

We are growing, and that means we have great opportunities for talented, hard-working people. If you would like to learn more about employment at SoftSmiths, continue reading this section. You will find a description of our Employment Philosophy, which will tell you quite a bit about the kinds of people we think, will succeed at SoftSmiths.

SoftSmiths Employment Philosophy

SoftSmiths is looking for people who…

Have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious and ensures that a positive, can-do attitude permeates the workplace. We want people who have a sense of humor and can help us have fun building SoftSmiths.

Are driven internally by high standards. We need a group of self-starters not a group of people than need a to-do task list every morning.

Embrace the notion of continuous learning. SoftSmiths may start out with the most talented people but we must be obsessed with continuously learning.

Are not stopped by uncertainty. In today’s competitive fast moving marketplace, you have to be willing to change direction: to continually look for improvements in existing approaches and to launch new ones. It is certain we will be faced with making decisions quickly, usually in the absence of complete information. SoftSmiths’ people need to be comfortable with – and energized by, a degree of uncertainty.

Are committed for the long term and proud of it. Successful companies and great workplaces are where people are committed to expand their knowledge, deliver quality and timely products, create value for the customer, strive for a ‘better solution’ and understand that what we deliver today dictates where we go tomorrow. The company made up of proud, loyal, continuous learners with a sense of urgency will thrive in this ever-changing marketplace.

Have excellent core skills. We need to hit the ground running and we need people who really know the right stuff.

We offer a business-casual work environment, competitive salary levels, a health care plan, a profit-sharing plan, a 401(k) plan, 12 days of vacation each year, a stock option plan, and excellent opportunity for growth.

If you are a qualified candidate interested in joining the SoftSmiths team, please send your resume including salary history and requirements to employment@softsmiths.com. You may also send your resume by facsimile or mail to the address below. Submissions that do not include salary history and requirements will not be considered.

Contact Information
Human Resources Department
SoftSmiths, Inc.
10696 Haddington Drive, Suite 102
Houston, TX 77043-2847
Fax: 713.626.0186
Phone: 713.626.9184

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SoftSmiths is an equal opportunity employer.