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Energy marketers nationwide utilize SoftSmiths’ transaction management solutions to sell, purchase, trade and deliver energy in the most efficient manner possible. A typical SoftSmiths customer is an asset-backed energy marketer with local and remote generation across multiple control areas that focuses on physical deals, including power and gas, an area where SoftSmiths’ solutions excel. The company specifically targets:

  • Load Serving Entities (LSEs)
  • Generation Production Entities (GPEs)
  • Purchasing/Selling Entities (PSE)
  • Transmission Providers (TP)
  • Control Area Operators (CA)
  • Regional Transmission Organization (RTO)

SoftSmiths’ proven products and services help these companies facilitate energy trading, transaction processing, risk measurement and decision support. We help customers update aging legacy systems, automate their trading processes and comply with new industry regulations. The common thread within our customer base is the need to integrate technology in way that optimizes assets and the desire to find a solution that fits our customers’ needs from deal capture to settlement, from cradle to grave.

What our customers say...

Our customers speak for themselves about the benefits of our solutions and how SoftSmiths is helping them in their business

"We really appreciated SoftSmiths' responsiveness, thoroughness and support, which were key to help implement the required functionality and meet the hard deadlines of our project," said David Daley, Asset Manager at BP Alternative Energy. "This was also aided by the SoftSmiths Market-MISO system's highly intuitive user interfaces that facilitated quick user adoption as it replaced a legacy system"

We were looking for a system that would integrate well with our existing trading systems, and were impressed with the capabilities of SoftSmiths’ OASIS Transmission management solution”, said Greg Cheves, Business Application Delivery Manager at The Energy Authority. "It will enhance our accessibility to transmission availability and price discovery, improve efficiency of our trading operations, and support future growth”.

“We are very excited about this implementation. SoftSmiths was the only vendor who offered a integrated solution that provided the desired functionality and were able and willing to customize it to our specific needs,” said Steve Sciortino, Integrated Resource Manager at Anaheim Public Utilities. “Our experience in working with SoftSmiths as a business partner has been very positive, and we have high regard for their products and services, in particular their competence, integrity and responsiveness.

“SoftSmiths smoothly transitioned us to its fully integrated platform that supports BTU’s current business requirements, as well as growing with our needs, while enhancing performance, reducing risk and expanding business capabilities,” said Gary Miller, Division Manager – QSE / Power Marketing at BTU QSE Services. “In addition, SoftSmiths Market-ERCOT provides us the next-generation ISO market participant solution that offers unmatched flexibility to conduct our current QSE business with ERCOT and prepare for the Nodal market. This has been a good experience and, with the system deployed and in production use, confirms we made the right choice".

"We are very satisfied with our decision to switch to SoftSmiths as our electronic tagging provider. The services provided thus far have exceeded our expectation", said Steve Chan, Generation Analyst at New Brunswick Power Generation Corporation.

"Grant County recognized the need to replace its current combination of ad-hoc Excel spreadsheets and loosely integrated Access databases, by deploying a comprehensive scheduling system that provides seamless integration from origination through settlement, automating manual processes and eliminating redundant data entry", said Frank Tempel, Systems Control Manager at Grant County Public Utility District. "With SoftSmiths' e-Merchant applications we will be able to achieve these important business objectives."

" SoftSmiths presented a compelling solution, enabling us to automate a number of manual processes, improve accuracy, and support our settlement activities," said Clay Norris, Director of Planning at ElectriCities, which provides management services to NCMPA1. "The flexibility and intuitive user interface of ETPS is superior, and SoftSmiths has responded quickly and effectively to the needs of the Agency in this critical engagement.”

" We needed a tool that would help us automate existing manual processes, improve accuracy and consistency while meeting audit requirements to determine if fuel costs are properly identified and recorded. SoftSmiths' Fuel Cost Accounting module will improve our understanding of costs, and streamline our accounting process, enabling us to better manage and track changes in the cost of fuel and purchased energy, and thereby provide for proper recovery of our fuel costs.", said Jim Sadtler, SVP Power Supply at Indianapolis Power & Light Company.

"With ETMS TBL will be in a much better position to meet its customers' expectations", said Lorie Hoffman, manager of Transmission Supply at Bonneville Power Transmission Business Line.

“With SoftSmiths’ tailored solution and deep industry expertise, we are on course to transition from our legacy system to a new, highly-reliable, scalable scheduling system,” said Bob Ellingwood, Project Manager for BPAT. “Considering the size of this project, Softsmiths solutions are able to scale to fit our needs and provide us with a transmission scheduling system that will help optimize our transmission assets and have the flexibility to change with market conditions when it is fully implemented."

" We needed an easy-to-use, robust and highly available platform," said Frank Tempel, Systems Control Manager at Grant County Public Utility District. "We believe SoftSmiths’ Electronic Tagging Suite is that solution. Intuitive for the business user to operate and supporting our requirements for continuous throughput, it provides us the most steady and stable platform in the market place."

“As FERC orders 888 and 889 caused us to completely separate our supply and transmission business units, SoftSmiths’ deep industry expertise and customer service approach allowed them to quickly understand how IPL functions and work to develop solutions to meet our unique challenges,” said Jim Sadtler, Senior VP for IPL Power Supply. “As SoftSmiths solutions are implemented, they are helping us operate more efficiently and reliably, by allowing us to make more informed business decisions.”

" SoftSmiths’ ETPS provides us with an incredibly powerful and robust platform that will scale to accommodate our rapidly expanding transaction volume," said Bob Ellingwood, Project Manager at Bonneville Power Administration. "We needed a tool that could perform well under extremely heavy e-tagging transaction loads without sacrificing the end-user experience."

“SoftSmiths' ETMS will help us be more competitive in the deregulated electric utility industry by streamlining our transaction business process,” said Karl Pfirrmann, Vice President of Allegheny Power Services. “SoftSmiths' comprehensive robust solution will not only have a direct impact on our productivity, but it will help us improve customer service.”

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With trading, scheduling and electronic tagging systems delivered nationwide, SoftSmiths solutions help customers including:

A typical SoftSmiths customer is an asset-backed energy marketer with local and remote generation across multiple control areas that focuses on physical deals...


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