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SoftSmiths Start 2005 With Strongest Product Portfolio In Company's History

Continued Innovation Pays Off As Customers Recognize SoftSmiths’ Solutions

Houston, TX. – January 10, 2005  – SoftSmiths, Inc. today announced that in 2004 it rolled out its most comprehensive product portfolio in the company’s 7-year history. Through continued innovation, SoftSmiths demonstrated its commitment to delivering customer value by enhancing productivity and ROI through solutions addressing critical business needs such as configurability, scalability, interoperability and ease of use. The company’s regional market offerings are already recognized by customers as superior and timely market tools meeting the new dynamics of a changing energy industry.

Over the past year, SoftSmiths product solutions were enhanced and expanded, and now collectively form an impressive and complete offering:

SoftSmiths Power - Aimed at Load Serving Entities, Purchasing Selling Entities and Municipal Utilities, SoftSmiths Power provides Load Forecasting, Resource & Portfolio Management, Real-time and Term Trading, Multi-Commodity Deal Capture, Net Position and "What-If" Impact Analysis, Volume and Mark-to-Market reporting, P&L reporting, Scheduling, Transmission Reservation and Electronic Tagging. In the Middle Office, SoftSmiths Power capabilities include Operational and Resource Constraints, Risk Measurement, and Controls and Monitoring; Back-office capabilities include Financial Settlement, Invoicing, Payment Tracking and Reporting.

Electronic Tagging Portal Suite (ETPS) - ETPS components  e-Agent, e-Authority, and e-Approval enable Load Serving Entities, Purchasing/Selling Sntities, Generation Producers, Transmission Providers and Control Area Operators to create, verify, approve and manage energy delivery transactions.

SoftSmiths Markets - Through a single application, SoftSmiths Markets allows market participants to connect and communicate transaction requests from SoftSmiths Power to any number of RTOs/ISOs based on the Standard Market Design model.

SoftSmiths Gas - This product suite provides Front, Middle and Back-Office capabilities for Natural Gas Marketers, LDCs, Utilities and Pipeline companies. SoftSmiths Gas provides Deal Capture, Transportation Management, Storage Management and Risk Management. In the Middle Office, SoftSmiths Gas capabilities include Operational and Resource Constraints, Risk Measurement, Controls and Monitoring, Nominations and Pipeline Imbalances. Back-office capabilities include Contract Management, Confirmations, Financial Settlement, Invoicing and Reporting.

SoftSmiths Fuel - SoftSmiths Fuel, based on its proven transaction management system, is designed for generation companies to manage the procurement of natural gas, coal, and fuel oil, as well as the sale of by-products such as ash.

Integration Tool Kit - SoftSmiths’ intelligent e-Link application delivers tight integration with other customer systems, such as  EMS/SCADA systems, resulting in efficient information flows with real-time views of activities, providing managers instant visibility into their operations and market dynamics.

Previous announcements included:

  • SoftSmiths’ Energy Transaction Integration Manager (ETIM) solution enables companies operating in the wholesale power and gas markets to build and implement a flexible, real-time, and efficient enterprise-wide Transaction Management Infrastructure (TMI), integrated with all of the key applications in the transaction chain. By using ETIM, companies achieve data consistency and integrity, lower total cost of ownership, and cross-application visibility for intelligent decision-making and timely reporting.
  • To leverage current IT investments, SoftSmiths can help upgrade vulnerable components in the power transaction life cycle with Best-Of-Fit applications, designed to co-exist and seamlessly integrate with your system.

  • SoftSmiths Risk with Financial Engineering Associates risk analytics engines.

About SoftSmiths

SoftSmiths is a leading provider of proven business critical Transaction Management Systems and services for Load Serving Entities, Generation Production Entities, Purchasing Selling Entities, and Transmission Providers who operate in physical markets to sell, purchase, trade, and deliver energy in the most efficient and cost- effective way. SoftSmiths’ seamlessly integrated, scalable, and adaptable solutions provide ready-to-deploy, out-of-the-box functionality that is highly configurable and customizable to meet companies' unique needs. SoftSmiths' proven solutions and in-depth knowledge of the industry's business practices allow its customers to automate manual processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase business visibility across the enterprise to allow faster decision making and more informed decisions, thereby improving profitability, operational efficiencies and cash flow. The company has been successfully delivering e-business solutions to energy service companies since 1997.

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