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SoftSmiths Announces Additional Functionality in SoftSmiths Power

Houston, TX. – January 20, 2009 – SoftSmiths, Inc., a leading energy software solutions and services company, today announced it has incorporated additional functionality in its SoftSmiths Power application suite helping asset-centric utilities increase efficiency through effective management of their physical power operations.

Extending the already rich capabilities of SoftSmiths Power’s integrated front-to-back energy transaction management solution, the additional features further support the robust and proven forecasting, scheduling, transmission management, NERC E-Tagging, credit and accounting functions.

SoftSmiths’ load forecasting application, e-Forecaster, now provides additional fine-tuning adjustment functions, as well as increased usability with easy dropdown controls, a summary table showing temperature values of candidate days, and historical information from previously saved forecasts for the same time period, supporting more accurate forecasting and real-time adjustment of forecasts during the flow day.

Seamlessly integrated power scheduling, transmission management and NERC E‑tagging are at the heart of SoftSmiths Power. e-Reservation is the industry leading application that helps automate the process of submitting transmission reservations to OASIS and manages transmission inventory through a single view. Optimized user-defined controls help gather information of interest from FERC-compliant OASIS nodes, thereby improving decision-support to increase profits and gain a competitive advantage over other, less technically savvy participants. With its highly acclaimed and highly intuitive user interfaces, SoftSmiths' NERC 1.8 compliant E-Tagging application now offers additional support for managing dynamic E-Tags and processing market adjustments going back in time.

The invoicing and billing application of SoftSmiths Power now provides enhanced capabilities to generate and manage invoices. Broadening existing Multi-Participant support in SoftSmiths Power, this now also supports generating invoices that allocate total amounts among multiple participants in a joint project.

Woven into SoftSmiths Power is the comprehensive electronic Log Notes application, allowing to dynamically registering actions taken by users, over and above a standard audit trail, and the ability for users working with the transaction system to communicate with each other in real-time. Newly incorporated features provide expanded categories and Details links to access history and notes manually entered by the users.

“These latest applications capabilities are exemplary and demonstrate how SoftSmiths innovates to deliver an unrivalled, completely integrated Energy Trading, Scheduling and Accounting experience for maximum business value and benefits,” said Hugo Stappers, Director Sales & Marketing. “These are the times to ensure you operate efficiently. SoftSmiths Power is the technology to help you with that”.

About SoftSmiths

SoftSmiths, Inc. delivers critical electronic energy trading and operations solutions and services that enable energy industry participants to enhance profitability and reliability in the competitive marketplace. SoftSmiths' proven solutions and in-depth knowledge of the industry's business practices allow its customers to automate manual processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase business visibility across the enterprise to allow faster decision making and more informed decisions, thereby improving profitability, operational efficiencies and cash flow. The company has been successfully delivering e-business solutions to energy service companies since 1997.

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