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SoftSmiths Adds California Cap and Trade Emissions Reporting

Houston, TX. – February 26, 2013 –SoftSmiths, Inc., a leading energy software solutions and services company, today announced the addition of a Carbon Emission Tracking Report to help Electric Utilities, using SoftSmiths TMS, with this particular compliance reporting requirement of the California Air Resources Board (ARB).

Starting in 2013, the ARB’s Cap-and-Trade program will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from major sources including electric utilities by setting a firm cap on statewide GHG emissions while employing market mechanisms to cost-effectively achieve the emission-reduction goals. The Cap-and-Trade program relies on data collected through the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulation (MRR) to identify major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in California. The MRR was originally adopted in 2007 and was updated in 2011 to meet the needs of the Cap-and-Trade Program. The MRR requires Electric Power entities to report their annual GHG emissions in 2009 and every year thereafter.

The SoftSmiths TMS system automatically generates a month-to-date Carbon Emission Tracking Report on a daily basis, including all emissions for the month through the end of the previous day. The report will show MW, emission, and cost allocation values for the month being reported, as well as year-to-date values.

The Carbon Emission Report functionality is an optional addition to SoftSmiths TMS Trading & Logistics and SoftSmiths Market-CAISO Scheduling applications, which provides front-to-back energy transaction management functionality, including Load Forecasting, Resource & Portfolio Management, Real-time and Term Trading, Mark-to-Market, Scheduling, NERC Electronic Tagging, Financial Settlement, Invoicing, Payment Tracking and Reporting.

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SoftSmiths, Inc. is a leader in enterprise-class, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for energy businesses, combining a lower cost of ownership with an innovative approach to business applications. SoftSmiths delivers energy trading, operations, and settlement solutions designed for today's energy marketing and load serving organizations and the way they conduct their business. Delivered in the cloud leveraging a modern technology platform, SoftSmiths offers a fresh alternative to legacy ETRM systems. Visit us at

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