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The Energy Authority Selects SoftSmiths to Support Transmission Management

Houston, TX. – June 12, 2007 – SoftSmiths, Inc., a leading energy software solutions and services company, today announced that The Energy Authority, the nation's leader in public power energy trading and risk management, will use SoftSmiths’ software to improve and streamline its transmission availability and reservation management. SoftSmiths’ e-Reservation provides automatic real-time interaction with one or more OASIS nodes simultaneously, and combined with SoftSmiths’ e-Link, seamlessly interfaces with The Energy Authority's trading optimization systems.

Serving 39 public power utilities across the nation, representing more than 25,000MW of combined generation assets, The Energy Authority works with most of the Open Access Same time Information System (OASIS) transmission nodes. With many power trades going physical, transmission availability, price discovery and quick access to multiple OASIS node portals is essential for effective trading.

SoftSmiths is the only company that can provide such a solution. Through a single application interface, SoftSmiths e-Reservation with e-Link allows companies to:

  • gather requests and reservations, and integrate these into the overall transmission inventory,

  • submit, withdraw, re-bid, and confirm requests,

  • gather and display availability (ATC) and pricing information, and

  • download lists of points, products, and other administrative data.

SoftSmiths e-Reservation tracks all usage of inventory, including reassignments, redirects, recalls, and scheduling. The application supports off-OASIS transmission sales for times when OASIS nodes are unavailable.

Seamless integration with Energy Trading and Scheduling systems can be established with SoftSmiths e-Link, using XML based business adapters providing full get/set functionality of all major business objects in the SoftSmiths’ e-Reservation application.

"We were looking for a system that would integrate well with our existing trading systems, and were impressed with the capabilities of SoftSmiths’ OASIS Transmission management solution”, said Greg Cheves, Business Application Delivery Manager at The Energy Authority. "It will enhance our accessibility to transmission availability and price discovery, improve efficiency of our trading operations, and support future growth”.

"We are extremely pleased to welcome The Energy Authority to our customer base", said Hugo Stappers, Director of Sales and Marketing at SoftSmiths. "Their selection of our e-Reservation and e-Link applications is another example of SoftSmiths' industry leadership in solutions for asset-centric companies with a focus on physical transactions".

About SoftSmiths

SoftSmiths, Inc. delivers critical electronic energy trading and operations solutions and services that enable energy industry participants to enhance profitability and reliability in the competitive marketplace. SoftSmiths' proven solutions and in-depth knowledge of the industry's business practices allow its customers to automate manual processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase business visibility across the enterprise to allow faster decision making and more informed decisions, thereby improving profitability, operational efficiencies and cash flow. The company has been successfully delivering e-business solutions to energy service companies since 1997.

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