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SoftSmiths Services Process 90 Billion KWhs

Houston, TX. – June 30, 2014 – SoftSmiths, Inc., a leading energy software solutions and services company, today announced that its services now process more than 90 billion kilowatt hours per year for its clients in North America.

"SoftSmiths TMS is the proven foundation for Energy Business Software-as-a-Service solutions for power and gas utilities, generators, marketers and retail electric providers,” said Nathan Sheik, CEO at SoftSmiths. “Delivered via the SoftSmiths Cloud, we provide our customers trusted and innovative energy business services in a true cloud-based environment with easy access, simplified implementation for faster time-to-value and reduced total cost of ownership.”

SoftSmiths’ seamlessly integrated TMS platform helps both asset-centric companies that focus on physical transactions as well as load-serving entities without resources to automate their processes with regards to forecasting, resource management and planning, position management and trading, scheduling, ISO/RTO communications, and accounting.

  • SoftSmiths Trading & Logistics: Front-to-Back ETRM system

  • SoftSmiths Market: Multi-market ISO/RTO Bid/Schedule Submission and Settlement

  • SoftSmiths Retail: Supply Management platform from Forecasting to Usage data

  • SoftSmiths Tagging/Reservation: NAESB compliant E-Tagging/OASIS connection

  • SoftSmiths GenScheduler: Scheduling of Jointly Owned/shared Generators

  • SoftSmiths Web Services: Industry leading API for integration and data retrieval

About SoftSmiths

SoftSmiths, Inc. is a leader in enterprise-class, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for energy businesses, combining a lower cost of ownership with an innovative approach to business services. SoftSmiths services process more than 90 billion kilowatt hours per year for its clients in North America. SoftSmiths delivers energy trading, operations, and settlement solutions designed for today's energy marketing and load serving organizations and the way they conduct their business. Delivered in the cloud leveraging a modern technology platform, SoftSmiths offers a fresh alternative to legacy ETRM systems. Visit us at

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