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SoftSmiths Demonstrates Its e-Merchant, e-Wheel and e-tagging portal suite Products at Power Mart 01

Houston, TX. – October 12, 2001 – Today, SoftSmiths is pleased to announce that it will be demonstrating its powerful e-business line of products at Booth 04 at Power Mart 01, Houston, Texas, October 16-17. SoftSmiths delivers critical e-Business solutions and services that enable the energy industry participants to enhance reliability and profitability in the competitive marketplace.

This demonstration illustrates SoftSmiths' leading-edge e-Business solutions that are a compelling choice for Generation Owners, Power Marketers, Load Serving Entities, Industrial Customers, Transmission Customers, Municipal Utilities - Regional Transmission Operators, Transmission Providers and Control Area Operators.

Providing critical elements for the next generation transaction management systems, SoftSmiths will demonstrate the following product suites:

e-Merchant - incorporates a toolbox for Purchasing/Selling Entities whose market strategy may focus on high-volume hub trading, buying and selling of physical assets or a combination of both. SoftSmiths’ e-Merchant suite offers a flexible, scalable business technology solution – seamlessly integrating Trading, Portfolio Assessment, Resource Management, Scheduling, Accounting and Reporting.

e-Wheel - is designed for RTO’s, Transmission Providers and Control Area Operators who face an increasingly diverse customer service base that require cutting-edge technology to accommodate transaction rates in the hundreds of thousands. SoftSmiths’ e-Wheel Suite provides just that – a flexible, scalable business technology solution, seamlessly integrating Scheduling, Transmission Services, ATC Management, Interchange Checkout, EMS Integration, Accounting and Reporting – so that your company can stay on top in the changing business environment.

ETPS - Electronic Tagging Portal Suite, enabling Control Area Operators, Purchasing/Selling Entities, and Transmission Providers to harness the power of the Internet. The ETPS applications (e-Agent, e-Authority, and e-Approval) allow the electronic creation, verification, approval, and management of transactions. ETPS’ scalability facilitates tag management in the growing wholesale market, and will easily accommodate the upcoming increase in tag volume in the retail market.

"Our products are developed using industry standards for reliability, portability, and openness. Their advanced framework and modular implementation enable commercial, operational, and security/reliability entities to interact with one another with ease in this era of open access". said Nathaniel Sheik, President and CEO, SoftSmiths.

With several years of successful deployments, SoftSmiths has provided prominent energy companies an early competitive advantage.

About SoftSmiths

SoftSmiths, Inc. is a Texas-based, privately held corporation. The company has been successfully delivering e-business solutions to energy-service companies since commencing commercial operations in January 1997.

SoftSmiths is a leading provider of business-critical Transaction Management Systems and services to the energy industry. SoftSmiths products are designed to address increased customer and transaction volumes, yielding increased operational efficiencies, thereby enabling our customers to profitably operate in the competitive marketplace.

SoftSmiths' highly differentiated position in the market is a result of its in-depth knowledge of the industry’s business practices, having the broadest product development strategy and using its intellectual property and consulting service to meet customers’ competitive business requirements.

SoftSmiths is a registered trademark of SoftSmiths, Inc. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

For more information, contact SoftSmiths by sending e-mail to, visiting the web site at, or calling 713-626-9184.

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