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SoftSmiths actively participates in a variety of industry committees and workgroups to ensure our customers of up-to-date solutions that help them to stay on top of their business. Following are some of the key industry and community events that SoftSmiths is attending and contributing to the on-going efforts of these groups.

CSIC– Common Systems Interface Coordination Group

The Seam Steering Group (SSG-WI) has been organized to serve as the discussion forum for facilitating the creation of a Seamless Western Market and for proposing resolutions for issues associated with differences in RTO practices and procedures. CSIC is a working group under SSG-WI, to coordinate systems for the Western Interconnection RTOs for seamless interfaces and lower costs, assure that systems and processes have effective operability, and address the complexities of each region with their unique system characteristics and environment.



ISAS – Interchange Scheduling and Accounting Subcommittee

Part of the Western Electricity Coordination Council (WECC), the Interchange Scheduling and Accounting Subcommittee was established to develop appropriate scheduling criteria and promote the use of and compliance with established scheduling criteria, practices, and guides. Also, to foster the development and use of common terminology and methods of enhanced communications with respect to scheduling practices.



NAESB/Electronic Scheduling Subcommittee (ESS)

The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) serves as an industry forum for the development and promotion of standards which will lead to a seamless marketplace for wholesale and retail natural gas and electricity, as recognized by its customers, business community, participants, and regulatory entities.

The ESS will address OASIS 1A issues as identified and defined by the Electronic Scheduling Collaborative (ESC), the business practice components of the new OASIS II, and other standards development activities assigned to it by the WEQ EC.



OSC – OASIS Standards Collaborative

The OSC began as the EPRI “How” group that was formed in 1995 to develop Standards and Communication Protocols for FERC necessary to achieve the implementation of OASIS as envisioned in Order 889. The current OSC was formed by merging the original EPRI “How” Working Group and the NERC Transaction Information Systems Working Group (TISWG). This merger was the direct result of the Commission’s OASIS II ANOPR and the industry’s need for a more flexible transaction information exchange The OSC members have combined their OASIS and TISWG expertise to develop standards for a new tagging system, and continue to refine and develop functional requirements for OASIS as envisioned in Orders 888 and 889.

After the signing of the NERC-NAESB-ISO/RTO Council’s Memorandum of Understanding, the OSC activities are planned to be included in one or several of the Parties’ organizations and thus brought into a single standard setting coordination process.

This has been transferred to NAESB



Midwest Market Initiative

The Midwest ISO announce the Midwest Market Initiative in an effort to implement a wholesale energy market in the Midwest. This site includes information pertinent to market participants as we work to implement this market. Project updates, timelines, training information and readiness requirements are available here.

Midwest Market Initiative:


EPRI – Electrical Power Research Institute

EPRI has announced formation of a coalition to sponsor a major new initiative on "CIM Extensions for Market Data Standards." The initiative will develop the CIM as an international standard for electricity markets.

EPRI – Electrical Power Research Institute:



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