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SoftSmiths TMS
SoftSmiths’ focus IS Transaction Management Systems (SoftSmiths TMS)

SoftSmiths provides a suite of solutions for power and gas utilities generators, transmission providers and retail Electric providers. SoftSmiths' seamlessly integrates TMS platform helps companies forecasting, resource management & planning, position management & trading, scheduling, ISO/RTO communication, and accounting.

Designed from the ground up to address increased customer and transaction volumes and yield increased operational efficiencies, SoftSmiths’ solutions enable our customers to profitably operate in the competitive market place.

Developed to solving business challenges, SoftSmiths Transaction Management Systems combined with in-depth industry knowledge with industry standard technologies to deliver unparalleled reliability, performance, openness and portability.

Our goal is to make technology conform to the business, not vice-versa. Our solutions excel in environments with physical business deals by delivering a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution from Deal Capture to Settlement, centralized around a single repository. In doing so, SoftSmiths’ solutions are able to support changing business practices through an unmatched level of adaptability, flexibility and scalability.

Capitalizing on advances in multi-tiered network-centric technologies, SoftSmiths is able to integrate the best and most cost-effective technology into low-cost business transaction solutions.

SoftSmiths’ offers solutions that facilitate energy trading, transaction processing, risk measurement and decision support. Our solutions and services automate the manual processes of our customers, eliminate redundant data entry, reduce settlement cycles, increase business visibility across the enterprise and help reduce risk allowing users to make faster and more informed decisions that can improve profitability, operational efficiency and cash flow.

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Energy Transaction Integration Manager (ETIM)

SoftSmiths’ ETIM solution enables companies operating in the wholesale power and gas markets to build and implement a flexible, real-time, and efficient enterprise-wide Transaction Management Infrastructure (TMI), integrated with all of the key applications in the transaction chain. By using ETIM, companies achieve data consistency and integrity, lower total cost of ownership, and cross-application visibility for intelligent decision-making and timely reporting.

Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), and based on open, industry standards and technology, ETIM combines SoftSmiths’ next-generation Transaction Management suite with intelligent integration applications. Companies leverage ETIM to achieve operational excellence, establishing a fully integrated transaction platform by seamlessly connecting the energy transaction chain across all business units, including financial systems, risk management, and plant operational systems, as well as external entities such as RTO/ISOs, exchanges and trading hubs.

SoftSmiths’ suite of distinct Transaction Management Systems includes:

On Demand – Streamline your business Cost Effectively
What is On Demand?

SoftSmiths’ hosted Energy Transaction Management system services, providing access to our wholesale power and natural gas applications for the on-demand energy enterprise that:

  • Eliminate demands on IT resources, improve utilization and your return on IT investments
  • Give your organization secure, easy and instant access to wholesale power and natural gas applications, no matter where they are located, from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Increase agility and responsiveness to provide a competitive edge
  • Provide flexibility and ability to adapt your cost structure with predictable periodic fees.
  • Enhance focus on core competencies, improve productivity and save money

The need for flexible and scalable energy business solutions that provide real-time information and allow rapid response to market changes has become a critical issue for organizations. Access and visibility to real-time information are essential for growth and competitive advantage. An environment of complex business and high maintenance systems threatens to overwhelm IT. Energy Companies are looking for a flexible and more cost-effective approach that will give business users access at their fingertips to the information required to grow the business, while also making the job of the CIO easier.

With SoftSmiths’ On Demand, you get access to the business applications your company needs:

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SoftSmiths’ solutions are designed from the ground up.

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