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Development Philosophy

Our customers operate in complex business environment that processes a high volume of transactions per day. Capturing, valuing and reporting every aspect of those transactions, including their impact on the organization’s relationships and contractual obligations with its counter parties, is critical to our customer’s success. It is with these needs in mind that we develop our solutions, and within these environments that SoftSmiths solutions excel. SoftSmiths’ focus on the backbone of our customers’ business enables us to develop solutions that help our customers sell, purchase, trade and delivery energy in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Because each organization and their needs are unique, SoftSmiths employs a scalable, multi-tier, multi-user, flexible architecture to create effective transaction management systems that support straight-through processing from trade capture, deal valuation, risk measurement, reporting, scheduling and metering through to settlement capabilities.

SoftSmiths’ active involvement with market players and participation in industry committees and workgroups ensures our customers of up-to-date solutions that help them to stay on top of their business. We actively monitor the developments of ISO Market initiatives, the forming of ISO’s the protocols associated with them and the impact of these changes on our customers to ensure SoftSmiths will develop systems to support ISO requirements as the market evolves.

By combining business and technology goals in research and development, SoftSmiths minimizes the disconnect many companies experience between research and implementation.

SoftSmiths’ focus on relevant technologies enables us to create on low-cost, high-value system architectures. As new technologies become available and reach maturity, we will continue to investigate, evaluate and implement only those technologies that are reliable, cost-effective, easily integrated, and low maintenance.

Key technologies that will continue to be used in SoftSmiths’ products include:

  • Languages: Java, J2EE, C++
  • Middleware: XML, TIBCO, .NET, SOAP
  • Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Operating systems: Windows 2003,  Linux, Solaris
  • High availability environments: Multi-tiered architecture, clustering.

We do not adopt new technologies simply because they are new. We identify the most accurate and refined tools available that will help our customers realize more efficiencies. SoftSmiths focuses on utilizing components and processes that allow our solutions to remain cost-effective for all sizes of energy companies. This means we often turn away from new, exotic tools that would require our customers to make substantial initial investments to take advantage of our technology.

When we do have to deploy new technologies, we encapsulate most of the change on the server side, so that once the servers have been updated, client workstations automatically update to use the new technologies. In the instance that a new technology must be explicitly deployed on the client workstations, we coordinate this effort with local IT staff to ensure a seamless rollout.

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By combining business and technology goals in research and development, SoftSmiths minimizes the disconnect many companies experience between research and implementation.

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