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SoftSmiths TMS - ISO Trading & Settlement

SoftSmiths Markets solution allows market participants to interact with all Independent System Operators (ISO) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO).

Based on a flexible and adaptive application framework, SoftSmiths Markets facilitates seamless integration with transaction management and scheduling systems as well as easy tailoring to any regional market. SoftSmiths Markets provides the high horsepower capabilities needed for accurate shadow settlement, day ahead schedule communications, robust bidding logic, dispatch, LMP and FTR functionality.

For Market Participants that interact with multiple regional markets, SoftSmiths Markets offers unmatched versatility to connect and communicate through a single application. Additional market interfaces can be easily added to present a very cost-effective solution resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Capabilities at a Glance
Activity Capability
Deal Evaluation
  • Operational data (pricing, weather, outages, constraints)
  • Transaction data (trade locations, dispatch limits, MWh/$ profiles)
  • Scenario Analysis (outage, congestion, calculations)
  • Bidding
  • Scheduling
  • Interface with Transaction Management System (Deal Capture, Trading, Scheduling)
  • Automatic download of settlement statements/reports
  • Shadow Settlement
  • Dispute Management
  • Local repository of Pricing data
  • Monitoring of congestion risk
  • Trend Analysis
  • Audit history of changes for Day-ahead, Real-Time and Settlement phases

Combined with e-Merchant, SoftSmiths offers an end-to-end seamlessly integrated solution for today and tomorrow as markets continue to change.

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