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SoftSmiths TMS - Trading & Logistics  

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Initially, a key facet of the new business model for re-regulated wholesale energy suppliers was to seek a competitive edge amidst the growing number of participants in the market. Today a Energy Trading and Risk Management solution is a necessity to mitigate the financial and operational risks of volatile energy prices, complex logistics, counterparty risk, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Whether your market strategy focuses on high-volume hub trading, buying and selling around physical assets, or a combination of both, SoftSmiths' Power & Gas Management solution offers a flexible, scalable business technology solution seamlessly integrating Scheduling, Portfolio Assessment, Trading, Resource Management, Risk Measurement, Accounting and Reporting for your business.


Power Transaction Management

Front-Office capabilities

  • Load Forecasting
  • Resource Management
  • Real-Time and Term Trading
  • Multi-Commodity Deal Capture
  • Net Position, ‘What-If’ Impact Analysis
  • Volume and Mark-to-Market Reporting
  • Power & Gas Scheduling
  • Transmission Reservation Management
  • NERC Electronic Tagging

Middle-Office capabilities

  • Operational and resource constraints
  • Calculated Cost Associated with Non-compliance
  • Controls and Monitoring



Back-Office capabilities

  • Settlement
  • Invoicing
  • Payment Tracking
  • Reporting





SoftSmiths' Power Management System Information Flow


Gas Transaction Management

An Adaptive set of Gas Management tools

  • Integrated EBB interfaces from the application, no need to re-enter data on EBB sites
  • Pipeline interfaces allow reconciliation from the application, not from hiring additional accounting analysts
  • Adaptive software and maintenance program keep you up to date with GISB and NAESB standards

Front-Office capabilities

  • Deal Capture
  • Transportation Management
  • Storage Management
  • Risk Management

Middle-Office capabilities

  • Operational and resource constraints
  • Calculated Cost Associated with Non-compliance
  • Controls and Monitoring
  • NAESB Compliant
  • Nominations
  • Pipeline Imbalances

Back-Office capabilities

  • Contract Management
  • Confirmations
  • Settlement
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting

Data Sheet
Power & Gas Management Data Sheet
Customer Challenges
Gas Management



To interface with custom and/or off-the-shelf applications, customer interfaces can be developed using the e-Link XML API. The system as shipped interacts with all NERC compliant tagging services, FERC compliant OASIS nodes, and EMS systems via EMSLink.

e-Link interfaces are designed using publish and subscribe, so transfers are event driven and occur as events take place.


Value & Benefits

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