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SoftSmiths TMS - Electronic Tagging

What Our Customers Say...

The Electronic Tagging Portal Suite (ETPS) enables all entities (Control Area Operators, Purchasing/Selling Entities, and Transmission Providers) involved in energy delivery transactions to create, verify, approve, and manage transactions electronically, using the Internet as its platform. The E-Tagging Portal Suite includes three components: e-Agent, e-Authority and e-Approval, and is designed in compliance with the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) Electronic Tagging specifications.



  • NERC 1.8 Compliant functionality including:
  • Create/Submit Tags
  • Correct Tags
  • Adjust Energy and Allocation Profiles
  • Print Fax forms
  • Receive Tags, Corrections, Adjustments, and Notifications from Tag Authorities
  • Keep Tags in “Hold” Status for Later Submission
  • Create Tag Templates to Speed Later Tag Submissions


  • NERC 1.8 Compliant functionality including:
  • Receive Tags for Evaluation
  • Receive and Automatically Incorporates Tag Corrections
  • Receive Profile Adjustments for Evaluation
  • Receive Notifications From Tag Authorities
  • Respond to Tag Creation and Adjustment Requests
  • Send Reliability Limit Profile Adjustments


  • Supports Override Capabilities
  • Allows Manual Entry of Faxed Tags
  • NERC 1.8 Compliant functionality including
  • Receive and Store Tags, Tag Corrections, and Profile Adjustments
  • Manage Approvals and Denials
  • Notify other Entities of Changes
  • Allows re-sends of Missed messages
  • Print Fax forms

Automatic Tag creation

The ETPS software supports integration with your scheduling system to allow for automatic tag creation, thereby streamlining the process, avoiding double entries and potential errors. With our e-Link API we provide an XML framework that enables you to seamlessly integrate back-office systems by deploying business adapters.

E-Tags vs Schedule

One big difference between an E-Tag and a schedule is ownership. An E-Tag is owned by the authority service for the load control area. All changes to the E-Tag are made by that service, and it is the source of record for any information about the E-Tag.

A schedule, on the other hand, is owned by the entity that is managing it. It may or may not be associated with one or several E-Tags. It can be changed independently of the E-Tag, because it represents what is supposed to happen in the local electrical system. Also, Schedules exist whenever electricity is being transmitted. E-Tags exist only when there is a need to communicate interchange information between parties. In other words, a scheduling system will contain information about all of the business that is being done by an electric industry entity. A tagging system will contain some subset of that information.

It is very useful to have a scheduling system tightly integrated with a tagging system, as SoftSmiths has done with its e-Merchant and e-Wheel applications, because tagging is a critical communication mechanism. However, companies should avoid treating a tagging system as a scheduling system.


With an on-site solution you have access 24 hours/day, even if your external network connection is down. Because it connects at internal network speeds, an on-site installation will outperform an on-line service.


ETPS provides virtually limitless scalability to accommodate increasing transaction volumes. See below a press release about one of our customers, Bonneville Power Administration Transmission Business Line.

Unmatched User Interface

The User Interface has been laid out based on the requirements, practices and processes of business users and therefore is highly intuitive to operate.


SoftSmiths is able to offer a turn-key solution by providing both the software as well as the computer hardware, installed and configured at its premises for shipment and fast-track deployment at your facility.



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