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SoftSmiths TMS Transmission

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While the physical infrastructure of generation sources and the wires connecting them to load change infrequently, Control Area Operators and Transmission Providers are being subjected, by the open access marketplace, to a proliferation in both the number and complexity of transactions scheduled on those wires. These transactions must be managed with real-time responsiveness, requiring frequent and detailed communication with the OASIS, NERC e-tagging marketplace and internal computing systems. The FERC-envisioned model for large-scale Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) promises even greater business challenges as the future of the industry unfolds.

To what level your company will lead the evolving business environment depends largely on the modernization of your transaction management system. It must be capable of serving an increasingly diverse customer service base with transaction rates in the hundreds of thousands. SoftSmiths' Transmission Services Management solution offers a flexible, scalable business technology solution that seamlessly integrates Scheduling, Transmission Services, ATC Management, Interchange Checkout, and Accounting and Reporting for your business.


Transmission Services

  • Contract Administration
  • Reservation Automation
  • Transmission usage displays
  • Transmission curtailment
  • OASIS management

ATC Management

  • Tracks and calculates all ATC-related profiles -- e.g. TTC, CBM, TRM Usage, ATC, etc.
  • Supports either path-based or flow-based ATC calculations
  • Calculations are performed in real-time as data is changed
  • Automatically evaluates reservations requests, including GF, OASIS requests and next-hour requests
  • Support transmission paths with multiple owners
  • Automatically posts ATC data to the OASIS


  • Schedules automatically extracted from NERC e-Tags
  • Schedule verifications, including vertical and horizontal transmission stacking
  • Schedule curtailment

Interchange Checkout

  • Shows sink, source and wheel schedules and totals
  • Checkout automation
  • Displays integrated hourly energy; instantaneous power levels


  • Reconciliation with metered data
  • Time-event separation of activities
  • Audit trails


To interface with custom and/or off-the-shelf applications, customer interfaces can be developed using the e-Link XML API. The system as shipped interacts with all NERC compliant tagging services, FERC compliant OASIS nodes, and EMS systems via EMSLink.

e-Link interfaces are designed using publish and subscribe, so transfers are event driven and occur as events take place.

SoftSmiths' Transmission Services Management Information Flow

Value & Benefits

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