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Integration Tools

Today, enterprise computing is driven by an increasing need to integrate your systems. Dynamic new market forces are compelling your company to take action and make decisions faster, while your IT organization is seeking to leverage existing investments.

SoftSmiths’ e-Link Application Programming Interface is a comprehensive business solution that facilitates the integration and alignment of information, and business processes across organizational and technology boundaries. e-Link easily integrates information and applications form virtually any source.
The e-Link application is comprised of a series of interfaces, each of which is tailored to transfer a particular set of information. e-Link modules provide critical interfaces between our e-Merchant, e-Wheel and ETPS (Electronic Tagging Portal Suite) applications and other business systems, using XML schemas consistent with electric industry and internet standards such as XML schema, SOAP and SMXP. With our e-Link product, we provide an XML framework that enables you to seamlessly integrate back-office systems by deploying business adapters for risk management, trading, scheduling, generation, load, meter, and NERC E-Tag information.

The e-link adapters are sophisticated. For example our ETPS adapter does not just pass on the data but also interpret the tags, and keep track of the tags so you get some meaningful data.
e-Link interfaces are designed using publish and subscribe, so transfers are event driven and occur as events take place, thus critical information is transmitted in real time, optimizing decision-making processes enterprise-wide. This enables organizations to manage risk and optimize usage of assets in a highly dynamic environment.

SoftSmiths EMSLink provides seamless integration between 3rd party Energy Management Systems and our e-Merchant and e-Wheel suites. EMSLink provides net scheduled interchange data in the required format to EMS/SCADA systems for use in Automatic Generation Control (AGC). Further it complements the capabilities already provided by e-Merchant and e-Wheel to make use of EMS/SCADA information, such as meter data, to perform control area energy accounting functions such as calculation of inadvertent interchange.

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