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SoftSmiths recognizes that you are looking for more than software products to address your complex business challenges. This is why we provide comprehensive and responsive services with our products to create complete business technology solutions.

Consulting Services
Business Process Analysis
Functionality and Gap Analysis
Market Readiness Services
Business Continuity and Cyber Security Services
Software Engineering
Custom Application Development
Software Audit and Optimization 
Implementation Services
Program Management
System Implementation
Hardware, Software Installation and Configuration
Multi-Tier Application Integration & Testing
Turnkey Implementation & Deployment
On Demand
Training Services
End User Workshops
IT Workshops

Consulting Services

SoftSmiths consultants can provide you with a broad array of strategic technology services from proof-of-concept to custom solutions to architectural review, as well as vulnerability assessment and business continuity planning. SoftSmiths offers both packaged and custom services to help you meet the needs and priorities of your organization throughout the project lifecycle.

SoftSmiths Consulting Services is ready to deliver strategic technology solutions that will help you achieve real business results. We will work with you to develop solutions to fit your business, your people and your vision. For more information on how we can put our experience to work for you, please review our service offerings. For further information, please contact SoftSmiths.

SoftSmiths stands ready to provide its customers with the following Consulting Services:

  • Business Process Analysis
    SoftSmiths can aid in internal workflow optimization and facilitate the enhancement and customization of your applications as a highly optimized system for managing the open access environment.
  • Gas Marketing and Operations
  • Power Marketing and Operations
  • Transmission Management
  • Fuel Supply Management
  • Functional Requirements and Gap Analysis
    SoftSmiths can help with review and analysis of your current business processes and practices, examination of systems and infrastructure, and assessment and determination of gaps with respect to preferred practices.
  • Market Readiness Services
    We help market participants with assessment, evaluation, and validation of their readiness state in preparation for participation in Regional Energy Market. Services may address Business and IT review, market analysis, settlement/dispute management, market trials and cutover support, and solution development.
  • Business Continuity and Cyber Security Services
    We can help energy companies meet new requirements related to physical and cyber infrastructure protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. We provide mission critical services in the area of vulnerability and risk assessment, Business Continuity Planning (including disruptive event recovery and restoration) and IT infrastructure build-out services for disaster recovery and cyber security.
  • System Implementation Engineering
    SoftSmiths can provide system implementation services for both application integration projects and custom development projects. We have experience implementing a wide range of advanced technologies, including:
  • System Architecture
  • Object-oriented Analysis and Programming
  • On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP)
  • Thin Client Application Development (JAVA, HTML)
  • Relational and Object oriented Databases
  • Data Replication Technologies
  • UNIX, Linux, Windows 2000 & 2003 operating systems
  • Custom Application Development
    We can help you build and deploy a multi-tier, scalable, end-to-end integrated business solution that provides the functionality you need to quickly respond to changing market demands and heightened competitive pressures
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Implementation Services

SoftSmiths Implementation Services professionals have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of services:

  • Program Management
    We can help your organization create a program to plan, organize, manage and deliver a highly complex, large-scale system development and implementation effort. Our consultants enable you to have high visibility into the progress, completion, and acceptance of deliverables across multiple projects within your program.
  • System Implementation
    SoftSmiths will provide installation services for upgrades and enhancements to our software solutions, and will provide support with upgrades to the operating system and layered products.
  • Application Optimization Services
    SoftSmiths can supplement your IT staff in achieving important post-implementation functions for maintaining and improving your applications and technology infrastructure. SoftSmiths optimization services help you improve your application experience for long-term results, and manage and maintain your applications through software audits, optimization fine-tuning services, sharing of software best practices, and training.
  • Hardware, Software Installation and Configuration
    SoftSmiths will provide services to determine (i) the best equipment choices to handle new requirements, (ii) the effect (if any) on the application configuration, and (iii) any additional software modules required because of the configuration changes.
  • Multi-tiered Application Integration
    We can help you identify and match the functionality of third party to your business needs. We implement them off-the-shelf or customize them to your unique business environment. Whether your needs are data interface or new features, our consultants can build them for you.
  • Multi-tiered Application Testing Management
    We offer complete Application Testing Management to help you automate the testing of your thin client, and client-server applications. Depending on your needs, we can provide an automated testing solution that will ensure that your application is production ready when it matters most – Application Deployment.
  • Turnkey Implementation & Deployment
    SoftSmiths is able to deliver turnkey solutions, combining our consulting services, broad product offerings and strategic partnerships, for a complete end-to-end integrated solution, including hardware and software installation and configuration. Leveraging our in-depth industry experience and based on our proven solutions engineering methodology, SoftSmiths delivers projects on time and within budget, and takes you directly to the results you need.
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SoftSmiths provides hands-on training for its products. Our training programs are tailored around the skill set of the users, thus building confidence and facilitating full utilization of the system's potential.

SoftSmiths provides a deeply experienced and readily deployable pool of training resources for its Training Classes. Our skilled resources have immediate access to SoftSmiths key domain experts. To maximize effectiveness of the initial training, our project resources will be involved with training delivery.

Training Program Customized Workshops
We provide the following hands-on training sessions for end-users, IT, and operational staff who will interact with the SoftSmiths applications.

  • End-User Work Shops
    End-User workshops are designed to train Traders, Schedulers, After-the-Fact operators, and business policy managers, and are tailored to the needs of these functions.
  • IT Work Shops
    IT workshops are designed to train system administrators and other technical staff members in areas dealing with IT support and maintenance of SoftSmiths applications and interfaces.

The content of above workshops are tailored to your needs and system configuration. Learning objectives are similar, as described in the on-line classes below. SoftSmiths can work with you to develop and deliver additional customized training workshops as your requirements are identified.

Post Training Support Services

Recognizing support for the users is critical in the first weeks of a new systems, SoftSmiths provides post training services to optimize the benefits of the just acquired skills and knowledge, thereby maximizing the success and return on investment of the SoftSmiths system. Our services include end-user help, setup support, and advise including floor walking, individual consultations and coaching.

Longer Term Training Program On-line Training Classes
For training needs going forward SoftSmiths offers a variety of on-line educational classes, covering most aspects of the SoftSmiths system. These classes are offered as a live web session, complete with audio conference, instructional presentation, and live demonstration.

Our training courses are available to licensed SoftSmiths users and billed on a per person, per class basis.

SoftSmiths Fundamentals
Recommended for all users, this course covers introductory SoftSmiths Power and SoftSmiths Gas concepts and terms. Users will learn how to navigate through the SoftSmiths application, search for information, modify personal settings, and find additional help, as well as perform other basic tasks. This course contains an optional knowledge check to gauge understanding of the topics presented.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-90 minutes
  • Prerequisites: none

Power/Gas Marketer
Recommended for all types of trading professionals, this course covers the day-to-day use of the applicable SoftSmiths Power or SoftSmiths Gas modules. Users will learn how to manage their resource portfolio, forecast load, enter purchases and sales, enter and exercise options (physical and financial), evaluate their portfolio's net position, evaluate transmission/transportation alternatives, and perform other daily activities.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-120 minutes
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals

Pre-Schedule/Real-Time / Gas Control
Recommended for all types of scheduling personnel, this course covers the day-to-day use of the applicable SoftSmiths Power or SoftSmiths Gas scheduling modules. Users will learn how to commit generation or production, prepare and adjust load forecasts, dispatch day-ahead power/gas and real-time power and enter schedules/nominations, monitor net position, and perform other daily activities.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-120 minutes
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals

Power/Gas Accountant
Recommended for all types of Power/Gas accounting personnel, this course covers the day-to-day use of the after-the-fact and settlement modules of SoftSmiths Power or SoftSmiths Gas. Users will learn how to check out transactions, create invoices, analyze and prepare reports.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-75 minutes
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals

Reporting Fundamentals
Recommended for all users who are interested in generating reports to analyze SoftSmiths Power or SoftSmiths Gas data, this course covers the fundamental concepts of creating and analyzing reports. Users will be made familiar with using the monitor, snapshot, export and sample custom reports. Using these concepts, users will learn how to create reports to view data in real-time, and how to analyze opportunities, forecasts, activities and net position.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-75 minutes
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals

System Interface/Integration
Recommended for users interested in learning how to import data into and out of SoftSmiths system using the e-Link application, this course covers the entire interface process. Topics such as managing XML files, creating export files for other applications and issues to be aware of when importing data are presented.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-120 minutes
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals, programming knowledge, XML knowledge

System Administrator Fundamentals
Recommended for all SoftSmiths e-Merchant system administrators, this course covers the basic administrative setup of the system. Users will learn how to maintain enabling agreements and other contracts, account contacts, user profiles, and data security.

  • Class Type: Online Course
  • Class Duration: 60-75 minutes
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals

e-Cal+ Scripting Language/Calculation Engine
Recommended for users interested in learning how to develop and extend local customization calculations using the SoftSmiths calculation engine. SoftSmiths' e-Cal+ scripts can act either periodically, on demand, or when users make changes to trades, schedules, or other data objects.

Topics presented include developing e-cal+ scripts, trigging options, pre- vs. post-processing of changes, creating export files for other applications, and issues to be aware of when importing data using scripts.

Where possible, general customizations are used as examples, to make the class more directly applicable to the environment.
  • Class Type: Facility
  • Class Duration: 1 Day
  • Prerequisites: SoftSmiths Fundamentals, solid experience in programming using procedural languages such as C, Pascal or Fortran. Working knowledge of algebraic expressions and their use in solving algorithmic problems.

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